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Thinking about being a volunteer?    Check this out ! 

If you think you have what it takes, apply to volunteer with our great organization!

The Lake Shore Fire District is a combination fire organization comprised of fulltime and volunteer firefighters (and EMT's) working towards the common goal of public safety . 

An integral component of our organization is the Greece Lake Shore Fire Department that comprises our volunteer membership.  The fire department is always seeking new memebrs and has several membership categories:

Interior Firefighter - A Firefighter that operates at structure fires and utilizes a SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) as part of their personal protective envelope to extinguish fires and rescue victims.

Exterior Firefighter - A Firefighter that provides support to Interior Firefighters through deployment of hose, placement of ladders, and other essential fire ground tasks.

Fire Police - A person trained to provide safety at scenes for both emergency personnel and the public. This group will direct traffic at emergency scenes to provide a protected area for emergency responders.

Water Rescue Personnel - This group provides water and ice rescue through the use of our two rescue boats and responds to water based emergencies.

Fire Department Auxiliary - A group of individuals that support the fire department at emergency scenes and department events through planning and assistance.

The fire department is seeking potential members to assist our mission of service to others. All membership categories require a significant time commitment. All members are required to attend mandatory training and meetings as required by the district and department. 

Lake Shore is an organization that supports each other through a brotherhood and sisterhood like none other. We are recruiting new volunteer members to help answer the call of duty.  

Your time is precious, and we appreciate that you are interested in donating more to our community!

 If you would like more information send an email to: recruitment@lsfd.us or stop by our fire station at 1 Long Pond Road to pick up an application.

Please provide:  your name, address, and phone number and one of the members of our team will contact you. Thank you for your interest!