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Thinking about being a volunteer? Check this out !

If you think you have what it takes, apply to volunteer with our great organization!

The Greece Lake Shore Fire Department and District is a combination department consisting of both paid and volunteer firefighters, and part time emergency medical technicians. We also have a fire-police team that provides incident security and traffic control at our incidents, and an auxiliary group which supports the well-being of members through provisions of food, beverages, and other support, which are additional options for you or your family in joining.

The biggest thing you must remember is that volunteering in the fire service brings about a significant time requirement. In addition to responding to calls when paged, you will be required to attend one business meeting a month, which takes place on the first Wednesday, and at least one training drill per month (with one opportunity each week to take the training). Usually, we will have one drill topic per month, however occasionally we might have a specialty drill in addition to the primary topic, or we may hold Saturday morning drills to cater to the members that work off-hour shifts. We understand and preach to our members that your home life and career shall be held in a higher priority than your involvement in our organization.

We are recruiting new volunteer members to help answer the call of duty. Please take the time to consider joining the Lake Shore Family. We have many social activities throughout the year that involves the families of firefighters giving back for the many hours that these firefighters dedicate to the community.

Your time is precious, and we appreciate that you are interested in donating more to our community!


if you want more information send an email to: recruitment@lsfd.us

Please provide: your name, address, email address, and phone number so someone can contact you personally.