MESSAGE from the Lake Shore Fire District

Dear Neighbors:                                                                                                                                 September 1, 2015

Over the past several years, the Lake Shore Fire District Board of Commissioners, along with a 
Community Task Force composed of fire district officials and fire district residents, has examined 
the future of the fire station at 35 East Manitou Road.

After reviewing the information provided to the Board of Commissioners, a decision was made to 
sell the vacant fire station along with the adjoining 1.8 acres of land. This decision was not an 
easy one. However, given that the structure has been vacant since November 2013, the cost to 
maintain the building averages $20,000 per year and the cost of required upgrades to the 
structure necessary for today's fire service exceeds $150,000, it was decided to sell the building.

Prior to listing the property, the fire district had a professional appraisal done of the building and 
land which determined the appraised value to be $155,000. The fire district then hired a 
commercial realtor experienced with selling fire stations. Several weeks ago the Board of 

Commissioners accepted a purchase offer of $160,000 for the building and land. Before the 
building and land can be sold, the Lake Shore Fire District is required by New York State law to 
hold a PUBLIC VOTE to approve the sale.

THE PUBLIC VOTE WILL BE HELD ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, 2015 from 4pm-9pm at our 
headquarters fire station located at 1 Long Pond Rd. All Lake Shore Fire District residents who 
are registered voters are encouraged to vote. This decision impacts all district residents not 
just those living in the Braddocks Heights neighborhood.

The Lake Shore Fire District has scheduled a Community Information Forum with the Board of 
Commissioners, the Fire Chief and LSFD Attorney.

The Community Information Forum session will be held:

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015, 6:30pm. 
Lake Shore Fire District Headquarters – 1 Long Pond Rd.

Common Questions / Answers

Question: Would selling the fire station at 35 East Manitou Road effect my fire insurance 
premium cost on my home or business?

Answer: No. The Insurance Service Organization (ISO) classifies each New York State Fire 
District. This Classification determines your insurance premium rates. ISO has reported to the fire 
district that phasing out this fire station would have no effect on the classification of the Lake 
Shore Fire District.

Question: Are the response times to the Braddock Heights neighborhood within the required 
5 minute standard?

Answer: Yes. The full time paid Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician respond to 
the Braddocks neighborhood from the fire station at the corner of Long Pond Road and Edgemere 
Drive. The “on location” time averages 4 minutes. This fire station is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 
days a week, 365 days per year. This full time staffing began in 1989.

Question: Have you done recruitment drives for more volunteer firefighters?

Answer: Yes. Formal recruitment campaigns were conducted every April since 2012. The 
community saw wide advertisement by the Firemen’s Association of State of New York (FASNY) 
along with local fire organizations across the area. In addition, Lake Shore firefighters have gone 
door-to-door throughout the East Manitou Road response area. The outcome of the recruitment 
campaign has been unsuccessful in attracting new members.

Question: Where do the proceeds of the sale and the cost saving of selling the building go?

Answer: The proceeds from the sale and cost saving will be used for updates to Firefighting 
Equipment and Fire Stations as we maintain the best Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical 

History of the Lake Shore Fire District:

In 1957, The Lake Shore Fire District was created on the need for modern fire equipment and 
firefighter training. The Fire District was of the consolidation of four independent Greece Lake 
Shore fire companies. Braddock’s Heights was one of these fire companies. The boarders of the 
Lake Shore Fire District are located easterly at the City line and Greenleaf Road and Braddock’s 
Bay on the west. The southern boundary is the Lake Ontario State Parkway. North Greece Fire 
District is to the south and Hilton Fire District to the west. The City of Rochester Fire Department 
is to the west. All these Fire Departments provide automatic assist to Lake Shore Fire District, 
when necessary.

If you are unable to attend the information session and have additional questions you may visit 
the Lake Shore Fire District web site at: and someone will respond to your 
question. Thank you.

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