Permissive Referendum - Boat Reserve Fund

posted Mar 14, 2011, 7:46 PM by Mark DeNeve

Notice is hereby given that the following Resolution has been adopted by the Board of
Fire Commissioners of the Lake Shore Fire District on February 28, 2011 subject to a
Permissive Referendum.

RESOLVED, The Lake Shore Fire district Board of Fire Commissioners does hereby
authorize the Capital Expenditure from the Boat Reserve Fund the full amount of
$66,489.93 for the following items and inter related elements for water rescue services
as may be determined by the Fire District. The primary acquisition involves a 19 foot
Boston Whaler Guardian with Modified-V hull boat, with 150 hp out board motor,
applicable trailer and all appurtenant and essential safety and emergency equipment
necessary for the overall water rescue operation of the Lake Shore Fire District in
coordination and cooperation with the United States Coast Guard and or Monroe
County Sheriffs Department and any inter connected agencies. This is a necessary
implementation for the appropriate operation of the water rescue squad of the Lake Shore
Fire District as determined by a lengthy study of the Fire District Boat Committee and the
Board of Fire Commissioners. This boat will be purchased from the New York State Bid

This resolution is made subject to the Permissive Referendum requirements set forth in
Section 6G in the General Municipal Law, and in the absence of a referendum election,
this resolution will be effective 30 days after the date of its adoption on February 28,

The Secretary of this board is directed to publish a notice containing this resolution in
compliance with the aforesaid Section 6G of General Municipal Law.
By Order of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Lake Shore Fire District.
Dated February 28, 2011
Robert E. Staub Secretary